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9 beverages to sample at Thursdays Downtown

Gather 'round for a round of drinks—alcoholic and non-alcoholic—from Thursdays Downtown vendors! Quench your thirst with smoothies or fresh-squeezed lemonade or enjoy the night with an adult beverage. Here are the ones to try this year at Thursdays Downtown.

Berry Blendz

Perfect for summer, Berry Blendz smoothies provide a burst of real fruit in 10 different variety of flavors that change weekly. Choose from notes of peach and orange in the Sunset Beach smoothie or hints of blueberry and strawberry with the Rainbow Sensation smoothie.


Bleu Duck Kitchen / Bitter & Pour / Little Thistle Brewing Co.

Something is a brewin' at Thursdays Downtown, and you can find it at the Bitter Little Duck Lounge! It's a concept imaged by three local establishments—Bleu Duck Kitchen, Bitter & Pour, and Little Thistle Brewing Co.—to encourage people to be together, especially after this past year. Order your cocktail from Bitter & Pour (recommended is the blackberry sangria) or get a beer from Little Thistle (try The Doug, which is a smooth-drinking lager named after Rochester's Douglas trail). Grab some food from Bleu Duck's booth and make your way through it to the enclosed Lounge to enjoy the Thursdays Downtown music. It's like a private party among your closest friends or yet-to-be ones!

Café Steam

The hottest coffee to order at Thursdays Downtown is actually the Nitro Cold Brew from Café Steam. This popular drink is made by adding nitrogen to cold brewed coffee to create a smooth texture.


Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery

Remember the slushies you probably enjoyed as a kid? Now that you are an adult, enjoy Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery's Loon Juice Sangria Rosa Slushie for a nostalgic grown-up version! With notes of strawberry and cherry, the slushie is a good beverage for a warm day. Four Daughters also offers its exceptional wines or its Loon Juice hard ciders, if a more classic drink is what you prefer.

Ginger's Lemonade

Ahhh, refreshing! Fresh squeezed lemons, cane sugar, and whole lemon and lime wedges create a traditional summertime favorite: lemonade. Get it in either original or strawberry and there's always free refills when you order the Ginger's branded cup. What could be better on a warm day at Thursdays?

Kathy's Pub

If a simple brew will do for you, head to Kathy's Pub booth! Here you will find the basic beers like Bud Light and Michelob to the regional brews like Surley's Furious IPA or Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.'s Pseudo Sue.


Med City Seltzer

Want an adult beverage without the gluten? Introducing Med City Seltzer's line of tasty seltzers from the classic flavors like lime to unique ones like grapefruit and strawberry lemonade.


Tea Time

Bubble tea is the trendy new thing in beverages, and Tea Time from downtown Rochester specializes in it for Thursdays Downtown. Made with tapioca pearls, bubble tea is both a beverage and a snack!


Thesis Beer Project

You read above about the wine slushies from Four Daughters. Now let us introduce you to beer slushies by Thesis Beer Project! With ever-changing flavors, you will just have to stop by and try the latest! (As of this writing, Thesis is featuring an "Orange you glad I didn't say Strawberry?" slushie with a seltzer base, bright oranges, and succulent strawberries.

  Click here for an interactive Thursdays Downtown vendor map to find the beverages listed above.

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DISCLAIMER: Although every effort was made to provide accurate information, we do not guarantee the above vendors will be onsite every week of Thursdays Downtown. Please refer to the interactive map section for the most up-to-date vendors. If yours is a vendor listed in this blog and anything needs updating, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Please drink responsibly if consuming alcohol. Thanks for reading and enjoy this season of Thursdays Downtown.