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Board of Directors Featuring Angie Richards and Jeanine Gangeness

Posted on September 20,2017

Part of a diverse and eclectic group, RDA Board Members Jeanine Gangeness and Angie Richards share their point of view into the RDA’s values, mission, and strategic priorities .

Which of the RDA values resonates the most with you and why?

Jeanine Gangeness: The value that most resonates with me is the focus on striving for excellence. Accessibility is essential to downtown programming for Rochester residents and visitors. Focusing on providing great events, programs and services for everyone who wants to have fun is why this value resonates with me. Similar to the work with students, staff and faculty at WSU-Rochester, accessibility and quality are essential! We have a lot of fun too!!

Angie Richards: Strive For Excellence is the core belief that resonates with personally. By facilitating engaging, fun and family-friendly programs and events downtown, this excellence creates an environment and feeling unique to Rochester. Our downtown area has an important role in economic and social development and I take pride that as we Strive for Excellence each and every day that the RDA promotes a foundation that is welcoming, accessible and approachable.

Which strategic priority is most important to you and why?

JG: The two strategic priorities that are the most important to me are the RDA’s work with multiple partners through collaboration and use of data (downtown experts). I respect the work that the RDA has done to revitalize downtown Rochester and track the impact through well managed data. Ms. Bowman has transformed the organization through effective use of data which is reflected in the increased funding over the past few years. The RDA has a small, and mighty, staff who collaborates and uses data effectively.

Why do you feel it’s important for the RDA to provide benefits, opportunities, and support for downtown Rochester?

JG: The benefits of the RDA benefits, opportunities and support has resulted in revitalization of downtown. Selfishly, I live downtown, so I love the energy of downtown Rochester, which is due to the great activities the RDA programs. Rochester is a great place to live and have fun!!

AR: Igniting downtown Rochester as a central gathering space has transformed our community, and by building upon that innovation will continue to do so in the years to come. By leading with an authentic passion for downtown, the Rochester Downtown Alliance creates a central space where business, community and cultural activities are concentrated. Where people and places have memorable experiences while at the same time growing our local economy.

Why do you feel a vibrant downtown is important?

JG: A vibrant downtown is essential to business viability and resident livability.

AR: Downtowns are iconic and powerful symbols for a city and often contain the most historic landmarks and distinctive features. A vibrant downtown, full of activity and life, is the heart of our city and having a healthy heart is essential to having a strong city. Vibrancy downtown sets the tone for investment, new business opportunities, as well as, being a place to live and visit.

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Featured Stakeholder Series w/ Pasquale Presa

Posted on September 13,2017

In just under a year Pasquale’s Neighborhood Pizzeria has sure created a buzz in Downtown Rochester. Providing a fresh take on traditional foods to provide a little piece of Italy, culture, and authenticity that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our Marketing and Communications Manager, Samantha, sat down with Pasquale Presa and we have to tell you, we are very excited for what is in store for this up and coming downtown business. 

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WSU - Rochester Celebrates 100 years

Posted on August 30,2017

This week is the last Thursday’s on First and 3rd of the year, so we hope you already know about some of our great partners, but we want to take the time to shine the light on WSU-Rochester. WSU-Rochester is a place where professionals can receive the programming that they need to make it to the next level in their career. The WSU- Rochester faculty and staff have a vested interest in each of their students and is excited for opportunity to engage with new students. 

Cheers to 10 years!

Posted on August 21,2017

Cheers to 10 years of STYLE! STYLE will be returning on Thursday, September 28 with slight changes from previous years. Instead of STYLE on the Plaza, the event name has now been shortened to STYLE. The change of name comes with a change of location. The event will now be in the Kahler ballroom – Heritage Hall. This move will ensure the event goes on no matter the weather. This year, STYLE will be featuring clothing, accessories, and styling from 11 downtown businesses. There will be fashion featured for adults, young adults, and children.

This annual fashion show shines a light on the retail community that resides within downtown Rochester and what they can offer to the residents of downtown.

Participating businesses include:

With the help of these great downtown businesses and Lauren Scott, STYLE’s Fashion Coordinator for the third year in a row, the collections will be spectacular and will prepare you for this fall’s fashion season. Make note of any styles you love during the show because these collections will be readily accessible at each business as soon as the show ends. 

Do you want your chance to see what’s up and coming in the fashion world this fall? Check out our STYLE webpage for information on ticketing, entertainment, and the experience of STYLE 2017.

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Partner Feature: Edina Realty

Posted on August 16,2017

If you have been down to Thursday’s on First and 3rd this year, you know how great some of our vendors are, but this year we want to take the time to highlight a few of the organizations that help make this event possible. Throughout the rest of the summer we will be using our blog and social media accounts to introduce some of our fantastic partners. 

About Edina Realty

Edina Realty has been part of the community for over 20 years and continually looks for new ways to serve their customers better by offering more products and services for the entire home ownership experience...

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