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How to dress for Social Lights this week

Headband versus stocking hat. Boots or regular shoes. Snow pants or not. These are real questions when it comes to preparing to attend Social Lights Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday. So how should you dress for the forecast? Hear from the experts at KTTC TV and our resident outerwear extraordinaire!

"Daytime temperatures Thursday will be in the middle and upper 20s with steady temperatures through the evening in the lower 20s. Daytime temperatures Friday and Saturday will warm above freezing with nighttime temperatures in the 20s. Forecasted precipitation will be possible Thursday through Saturday. Rain, snow, and a rain/snow mix will be possible at times, so it's important to plan for comfort and style to optimize your night out," said Nick Jansen, KTTC TV meteorologist.

With this forecast in mind, Holly Masek, RDA executive director and outerwear enthusiast, shares how you should style yourself for the weather and for Social Lights!

  If you plan to dance...

Layers will be key! It’ll be hard to resist the dance floor with five DJs throughout the three-day festival, so make sure you plan appropriately. You might work up a sweat, so remember that cotton loses its insulating power when wet. If you must wear your favorite jeans, plan at least for a wool or polyester base layer under them, a synthetic or wool mid-layer (think fleece or wool) on top, and a waterproof shell in case of precipitation. You can always take off layers if you get too warm.

  If you plan to hang out...

You’ll get cold quicker when standing still, so you’ll want your super-insulating layers. That means down vests and jackets. But careful here if it rains: Like cotton, down loses its insulating power when wet. Make sure you’ve got a waterproof outer layer. Wool socks and warm boots will be critical for staying comfortable in the themed bar drink lines and around the Kraus-Anderson fire pits. If you run cold, there’s no shame in packing a few hand or foot warmers.

  If you plan to post 1,000 selfies...

Keep those fingers warm and double up! Thin phone compatible gloves with warm mittens over them means you’ll never have to expose your hands to the cold, and you can quickly warm up again after photos. Don’t forget your external battery!

  If you're dressing some little ones for Social Lights FAM JAM...

The full winter get-up is the still the way to go. Snow pants, mittens, and hats are key, but make sure they can move and unzip if they get warm! We’ve got tons of fun activities like light-up Skip Its, LED jump ropes, Blacklight Basketball, and more illuminating fun.

  If you're looking to make a statement...

This is a light event, and we’re all about the glow. Wear white or neon and find the black lights to become part of the spectacle.

  Stay up-to-date on this Social Lights page and by following the Facebook event updates.