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#MyDowntownRochMN featuring Blue Sky Dental

While the average dentist may not offer a paraffin wax or a massage chair during your routine checkup, Blue Sky Dental is not your average dentist office! During John and Sandy MacLaughlin’s #MyDowntownRochMN interview, Sandy commented on how terrific she feels after her appointments at Blue Sky Dental. We talked with Dr. SonjaMae, owner of Blue Sky Dental, to find out what makes them an above average dental clinic.

Samantha: Hi Dr. SonjaMae, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today. Can you tell me about what people should expect when they come into Blue Sky Dental?

SonjaMae: Honestly, it feels more like a spa than a dental clinic, but because so many people dislike going to the dentist, a relaxing environment is something we strive for. During the appointment, we offer complimentary paraffin hand-wax treatments that soften your hands and a dental chair made out of memory foam that massages your back. We have even had several patients fall asleep in them! We also have overhead TVs with headphones, so you can watch HGTV, sports, news or anything that suits your fancy. You won’t even realize you’re in the chair. The kids also love watching cartoons on them, which helps reduce antsy-ness. At the end of the appointment we offer a warm, moist washcloth, scented with essential oils so you leave feeling refreshed.

Samantha: I do know a lot of people that feel anxious about going to the dentist, myself included. It seems your clinic does its best to create a relaxing environment while there, but why do you think people dislike the dentist so much?

SonjaMae: Sometimes it’s phobia by proxy, such as a child who comes to their first dental appointment scared because their parent or older sibling told them it is painful. Sometimes it’s a previous bad experience or people feel guilty or judged. We know that people can have a feeling of vulnerability, but we are just glad that they come to see us. Our goal is to help people, wherever they are at.

Samantha: That’s great to hear, you are already calming my nerves. What does a typical day look like for you and your staff?

SonjaMae: We are open during normal business hours, but also open two Saturdays a month for patients’ convenience. After the morning set-up, we do a team huddle to go over the schedule and make sure everything is prepared for the day’s patients. Throughout the day, I juggle treating my own patients, supervising the hygienists, and doing the admin work of running a small business. I also really enjoy the variety in procedures we offer. I get to do surgical procedures (like implants), cosmetic dentistry (such as Invisalign to straighten teeth), and my favorite, digital dentistry, which allows me to do same-day crowns.

Samantha: I’m sure you get a lot of questions being a dentist, what is the most commonly asked one?

SonjaMae: “How do I whiten my teeth?” Hands down. I usually compare teeth whitening to dying your hair blonde. It won’t last forever, you’ll need touch-ups, and for some people, it’s harder to bleach than others. For instance, normally young teeth are easier to whiten than older teeth. People are also usually concerned about whether whitening will cause their teeth any harm, and while there might be temporary sensitivity, it will usually go away in a couple days. Using sensitive toothpaste two weeks prior and during the whitening process can help reduce that sensitivity.

Samantha: Good to know! What else would surprise people about the dental industry?

SonjaMae: Half of the dentistry I do is while looking at the reflection in the mirror. This means my hands must do everything upside down and backwards from what I see. You can get the same effect by trying to write your name on a piece of paper while in front of a mirror. You can only look at the reflection in the mirror while you write your name; don’t look at your hand! In the end, what you wrote on the paper will look like nonsense, but when you hold the paper up to the mirror, your name will look correct in the reflection.

Samantha: That takes some serious skill…anything else you’d like to share?

SonjaMae: Yes! Mention this blog at Blue Sky Dental and we’ll give you $50 off your first dental visit!

Samantha: Great, we will help spread the word. Thanks again for sharing your story with us.

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