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Fly Local Campaign Increases Flights by 65%

If you have been down to Thursday’s on First and 3rd this year, you know how great some of our vendors are, but this year we want to take the time to highlight a few of the organizations that help make this event possible. Throughout the rest of the summer we will be using our blog and social media accounts to introduce some of our fantastic partners.

This partner has been a staple of our community and has truly helped us see the world differently, that’s right, we’re talking about The Rochester International Airport (RST)! They have been a fantastic partner and we truly appreciate the value they bring to the community as they share their booth each week for Thursdays on First and 3rd with local organizations. RST will also be at Dogs Downtown on August 6th from 11AM to 3PM talking about their new Pet Therapy Program.

About Rochester Airport

The Rochester Airport was founded in 1928 by the Mayo brothers in southeast Rochester near the current fairgrounds location. RST has a long running history of being a transportation cornerstone in our community.

The Rochester International Airport is served by United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, which collectively offer 13 flights each day to Atlanta, Chicago, and Minneapolis.  Rochester International Airport accommodates approximately 230,000 passengers annually, providing air service to Southeast MN and border regions of Iowa and Wisconsin.

Do you Fly Local?

Flying local could be the cost saving you are looking for! RST created a True Cost Calculator to help you compare the true cost of travel from Rochester International Airport versus driving to Minneapolis to fly.  All you need to enter is the airfare of the flight and the number of days you’ll be parking the calculator will handle the rest!

Not only do they show you the true cost savings, but The Rochester International Airport staff is working very hard to grow and expand flight options for our community. It takes the support from our local travelers to recruit additional routes from the airlines. RST genuinely appreciates the increased support for choosing to Fly Local.

For more information on Fly Local travel policies or to add your organization to their list of supporters please contact Airport Administration or via phone at (507) 282-2328.

On the Horizon for RST

RST has had an extremely exciting year thus far. United Airlines launched service in June with 3 flights a day to Chicago O’Hare. Delta Air Lines increased daily flights to MSP and Atlanta in July. The new flight additions have increased daily departures by 65% from RST, meaning our community has more options to Fly Local. A terminal upgrade project kicked off in April and will last 1 year. Upon completion, passengers will benefit from facility improvements such as additional restrooms, enhanced security checkpoint, and consolidated areas for ticketing and baggage claim. You can follow progress on the project at and #RSTupgrade.

Why RST is Involved with Thursdays on First and 3rd

“Thursday’s on First & 3rd draws both residents and visitors alike. By attending the event weekly, we are able to interact with so many people and help to answer questions and share exciting news about changes at RST. It’s a great way to personally connect with the community and visitors.” - Tiana Rossow, Marketing Manager for RST.