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Meet the five bars participating in Social Lights 2022

Creativity comes in many forms. The same can be said of Social Lights'* bars and their unique themes. Ranging from a current hit streaming series to a special tribute to a few nostalgic ones, here are the five restaurants participating as themed bars at Social Lights March 3-5!

Chester's Kitchen & Bar: A Tribute to First Responders

"Thank you!" That's what Chester's Kitchen & Bar would like to say to those serving on fire and police departments and as paramedics and healthcare workers and are dedicating their themed bar to them. It will be decked out in red, white, and blue as a salute to their efforts since we could last gather at Social-ICE. Chester's themed drink is Protect and Serve as shown in its featured video below.

Kathy's Pub: Disco Pub

After the outrageously-successful Roller Disco in October, we've got a fever and the only cure is more disco! Get down tonight (or March 3-5) with Kathy's Disco Pub-themed bar, complete with a disco ball, juke box, and more groovy fun. Take a trip to the 70's as you watch Kathy's featured drink video below.

Olde Brick House: How to Train Your Dragon

Toothless and Hiccup make quite the pair in "How to Train Your Dragon." And so does one of downtown Rochester's newest restaurants, Olde Brick House, and Social Lights! With dragons being a recurring theme in Celtic mythology, and Olde Brick House is an Irish pub, it just makes sense. Don't take flight before you see what Olde Brick House has in store for its themed cocktails (video below).

The Tap House on Historic 3rd St: The Love Shack

Head on down to the Love Shack (i.e. The Tap House's themed bar at Social Lights) where folks will be lining up to get down. That's because Tap House will have a B-52's inspired bar and drink menu to complete the experience with friends and fellow enthusiasts. It is a little old place we can get together, after all! No need to hop in a Chrysler: Tap House's Love Shack drink video is below.

Victoria's Ristorante and Wine Bar: Squid Game

We're giving you the green light to check out Victoria's themed bar based on the Netflix series, "Squid Game." (Don't worry: nothing will happen on a red light except getting a themed cocktail on the green and red spotlighted bar.) And no need to play Ddakic to get in on the Social Lights fun from this bar (though do keep an eye on its featured drink video below).

  Stay up-to-date on Social Lights on this page and following the Facebook event updates.

*Social-ICE February 3-5 was rescheduled and adapted to be Social Lights March 3-5 to keep the community safe as Olmsted County saw an increase in COVID-19 cases.