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$3,000 could be yours for planning a new event, activity, or program in downtown

If you've had an event, activity, or passive program idea lingering in your brain and just needed funds to get it off the ground, today is your lucky day!

Our Start-Up Event Grant is expanding in 2021 to include COVID-19 safe activities and programs—as well as events—and looking to bring fresh ideas and energy to downtown.

Changes to the Start-Up Event Grant include:

  • Applicants can now propose an event, activity, or program, including public art or other more “passive” attractions.
  • The proposed event/activity/program must be COVID-19 appropriate and comply with all state and federal guidelines.
  • Twenty percent of the funding is reserved for events that engage underrepresented communities in Rochester, or that are planned by minority-led/owned enterprises.
  • Individual awards are up to $3,000, with $11,000 total in grant funds available.

Any proposed idea must be hosted within the 44 blocks of downtown Rochester to be considered for Start-Up Event Grant funding. Applications are due April 9, 2021.

We can't wait to see your creative ideas to bring fresh events and activities to downtown Rochester!

  Learn more about the Start-Up Event Grant and apply here.