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Get to Know an Ambassador: Jim Bill Woods

From sanitizing to pulling weeds to power washing, Clean Team Ambassadors have been hard at work in downtown Rochester since the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program launched July 1. People visiting, residing in, and working in downtown Rochester more than likely have seen these friendly faces, so let's get to meet one of them: Jim Bill Woods.

Tell us about yourself or how your background compliments your role in the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program.

I’m originally from Oklahoma. I moved here a little over a year ago for work and I just fell in love with Rochester. I never went back home, and my kids and I just stayed. I was working for a donation store called Savers and daily, I interacted with customers who came to donate their items.

What type of positive impact do you feel the Clean and Safe Ambassador program will have on our downtown?

I think it will give great information to all the people who are going to be in our downtown visiting. We can be great information givers. And it’s going to help beautify the city of Rochester in all aspects and in all areas.

What are you most looking forward to about working in downtown Rochester?

The customer service and assisting people with their questions. I’m also looking forward to watching Rochester progress as we do our work.

What is your favorite public space in downtown Rochester or outside of downtown?

I like the Castle Community because it’s an older building and it’s different than any other building in downtown. I’m not too familiar with Rochester but I look forward to getting to know it better, especially through being an Ambassador.

Look for the Clean Team Ambassadors providing daily, essential cleaning services in their bright orange shirts and ask them for assistance. And stay tuned here for more information about this growing program.