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A Whole New Look for Thursdays Downtown

By now, you may have seen or heard Thursdays on First & 3rd is no more. Fear not, though: the event simply went through a refresh in branding! Below is a Q&A with Samantha Rossi, the Rochester Downtown Alliance’s director of marketing and design, about the rebrand!

Katie: Hi Samantha! Let’s talk about the name change to a staple downtown Rochester summer event: Thursdays on First & 3rd. What spurred the rebrand?

Samantha: Hi Katie! Many people know and enjoy Thursdays on First & 3rd and the event continues to grow. Looking to future seasons of the event, we realize downtown Rochester will be facing many changes, especially in the event’s footprint, and we felt now is the opportune time to rebrand the event from Thursdays on First & 3rd to Thursdays Downtown.

Katie: So many great things happening for the event and for downtown Rochester in general! What can we expect from the new Thursdays Downtown identity?

Samantha: We’re excited the new Thursdays Downtown logo is more modern yet incorporates elements of the former branding, meaning people can expect the same feel of the event while introducing new facets in the future. Also, the Thursdays Downtown rebrand allows us to be flexible with the downtown street changes that will need to happen in the coming years. We’re excited that this allows for new possible downtown locations and engaging new stakeholders!

Thursdays Downtown runs every Thursday starting June 6 through August 29, except July 4. For the latest announcements, visit the event web page here, subscribe to our e-newsletter and/or follow along on Facebook!


(Interview by Katie Adelman, RDA director of content and communications.)