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Surreal Landscape


Artist Name

Carley McHenry

Installation Date



Painted Transformer Box


The transformer box design is a simple, surreal landscape that viewers can create their own narrative with. The artist's work is by Salvador Dali in the surrealism of her idea, and by street art for the style of the painting. Human figures and paper origami are incorporated as recognizable objects in a surreal sea-like environment. The scene is contained within the box as if the viewer were looking into a different world. Bold brush strokes with some illustrative qualities create a lively scene.

About the Artist

Carley McHenry views herself as a constantly learning artist; with each piece, she discovers something new about art and about herself that she applies to her next piece. Many things in her creative process inspire McHenry. Her highest interests are in interpersonal relationships, human origins, anatomy, and psyche. The mediums in which she works vary along with her interests. Photography, drawing, painting and installation have different ways of communicating, which McHenry tries to take advantage of by incorporating their strengths. She seeks to see things through her work in a way that one cannot see in real life. She strives to create a narrative that may be slightly off in nature to let the viewer connect the dots in their own way using their own experiences. Her works present the viewer with something never seen before, a path perhaps not taken, a view different from the mundane.


18 1st Ave SE
Rochester, MN 55904

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