Sébastien Richer

Installation Date: 2019

Materials: Bronze and corten steel


The Send-Off is a representation of a figure poised to release a paper airplane and is a collaboration between the artist and the students of Riverside Central Elementary School. Using the theme of taking flight, the students spent time making their own paper scuptures of flying birds, airplanes, insects, and these sculptures have been preserved in the base of the The Send-off. The plaque on the base reads: Aiming high, engineering their own designs of ­flight, and inspiring the artist and the community, Riverside Central Elementary students effect permanent positive change.

About the artist:

Sébastien Richer was educated in France as a master metalworker and is a blacksmith, fabricator, welder, and artist working out of his Dodge Center workshop. His other installation along Rochester recreational trails is Perfect Canoe, first installed in 2017 as a temporary work and moved to its current permanent location in 2018.



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311 Broadway Ave South, Suite A2
Rochester, MN 55904

Downtown Rochester MN
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