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Alley Jax


Artist Name

Kari Dunn

Installation Date



Painted Transformer Box


Alley Jax was informed by the artist's love of alleys as places tucked away from main thoroughfares but with a life of their own. She chose this location with the idea of creating a surprise for people passing by on the sidewalk or through the alley; the silhouetted images of children at play laid over a background of brightly-colored, larger-than-life "jax" was intended to liven up a spot that is somewhat off the beaten track of downtown foot and vehicle traffic.

About the Artist

Kari Dunn is a largely self-taught artist who has worked in a variety of mediums throughout the past several decades. Primarily a graphic artist and illustrator, her passion for combining techniques is evident; utilizing graphite, pen & ink, acrylic paint, paper collage, typography, and digital media, she continues to build on existing work as well as create new pieces for private and public viewing. At times humorous, full of imagery and narrative or spare in its rendering, Kari’s art represents a very personal view of the world as she experiences it.


102 S Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904

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