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Artist Name

Tierney Welter

Installation Date



Painted Transformer Box


The idea of changing our perspective is the inspiration behind this design which incorporates elements found within downtown architecture that is often overlooked. By breaking down these elements, rethinking them, and presenting them in a new way, the viewer is challenged to change their perspective on something they may have otherwise overlooked.
With the wave of emotions that come with surviving through a pandemic, countless natural disasters, and social injustices, it is hard to see 2020 as anything more than a test of endurance. However, if we change our perspective on 2020 on a personal level we may find many accomplishments to associate with this otherwise challenging year. 2020 could also be the year someone was able to spend more time with their family; 2020 could be the year that someone transformed their passion into a business; 2020 could be the year that we as a community discovered the importance of local business and supporting them; 2020 could be the year that we discovered more about ourselves.

About the Artist

Tierney Welter is a local artist, with a focus in repurposed jewelry and photography. After graduating in 2015, from Rochester Community and Technical College with an Associates in Fine Art and a Photography Certificate, Tierney has participated in several art shows, markets, and sells her work locally.


210 4th St SE
Rochester, MN 55904

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