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Rochester has four theater companies, a choir, a symphony, and an inspiring collection of public and gallery art. Delight in beauty on canvas, on the stage, and around the corner. These are the finer...and fun... things in Rochester!

Live Shows & Theaters

With four theater companies producing shows in Rochester and a Civic Center hosting various acts, there is always something on stage in Rochester.


Rochester's downtown has a fantastic music scene, with acts playing a variety of music in fun surroundings. Symphony? Chorale? Local bands? Headliners? Acoustic guitar? You'll find it in Rochester!

Visual Art

People come to Rochester from all over the world to live and work. The art scene reflects the diversity of our people and of the visitors to our city. 

Art Galleries

Public Art

Rochester Public Library

Rochester loves its library, one of the most visited spaces downtown. Rochester Public Library boasts a collection use of more than 2 million, a full calendar of programming and events, and a marvelous space for research and reading.