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Mother M. Alfred Moes


Artist Name

Mike Major


Bronze Sculpture


Property of Mayo Clinic.

On August 21, 1883 a tornado devastated Rochester. Following the storm Dr. William Worrall Mayo entrusted the care of the injured to Mother M. Alfred Moes and her Community of Franciscan Sisters.

After the crisis passed, Mother Alfred suggested to Dr. Mayo that Rochester needed a hospital. She promised the Sisters would build it if Dr. Mayo and his sons would staff it. At first hesitant, Dr. Mayo accepted the offer, On September 30, 1889, Saint Marys Hospital opened and was so successful that an addition was needed within five years.

The Mayo medical practice of today is known worldwide thanks in large measure to the vision, cooperation, and dedication of these remarkable individuals - a country doctor and the Mother Superior of a Franciscan Community. Their values were expressed in an enduring partnership.


200 1st St SW
Rochester, MN 55902

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