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Farmland 3000


Artist Name

Chris Delisle & Crist Dahl

Installation Date



Painted Transformer Box

About the Artist

As long time collaborators, Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle have worked together in many mediums including photography, film, video, and mixed media.  One of the major intentions of their work is to deconstruct forgotten cultural imagery, re-imagine it, and create new meanings from the disparate parts.  They also show great interest in both history and science and the way they can merge with the process of art making.  The artists feel that there are strong similarities between the way images are made and the way an experiment is carried out in a lab.  Material, craft, and concept are all very important to their practice, and it is their intention to fuse all of those aspects cohesively.


7 1st Ave SW
Rochester, MN 55902

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