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Calliope: The Muse Goose


Artist Name

Garry Post

Installation Date



Painted Goose Sculpture


The Rochester Arts Council logo, design elements, and colors were used for this goose. The RAC logo and five small arts icons were painted both on the front and rear sides of the goose. The backside of the goose was left unfinished, implying creativity is an ongoing, evolving process. The base is painted black to represent the unknowns that inspire creativity in the arts. The name, Calliope, is from Greek mythology: the eldest and wisest of the Mousai (Muses: goddesses of music, song, and dance who inspired the creation of literature and the arts). Calliope, therefore, seems an appropriate name for this eloquent goose with personality!


30 Civic Center Dr SE
Rochester, MN 55904

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