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Sol Flowers


Artist Name

Jennalee Whiting

Installation Date



Exterior and UV paint and sealant


My inspiration for Sol Flowers literally came out of thin air. As I was reaching for my drawing tools to sketch out some ideas, three sun prints I had recently created fell to my feet in a perfect layout. I'm pretty sure a beacon of light was shining somewhere. I immediately imagined the facade of this building covered in botanical images on a vivid cyan background. The images are inspired by native grasses and flowers growing throughout our city—which are just as captivating to see on the ground as they are five stories up.

After giddily accepting this very cool opportunity, I took a stroll down to the parking ramp and realized the...ahem, height? With that, this undertaking could not have been possible without my dad, Grant Grassle, my sister and co-painter, Jamie Quamme, and a 4:17 YouTube video on boom lift operation.

About the Artist

Jenna Whiting was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. As a self-taught artist, she specializes in mural work, digital design, children's book illustrations, and acrylic painting. Her designs reflect a sense of whimsy and childlike wonder but are also balanced with simplistic and sophisticated methods—good, clean, fun is her motto. When Jenna is not creating, she and her family enjoy travel, home improvement projects, and kitchen dance parties.


100 1st Ave SE
Rochester, MN 55902

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