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Eric Anderson

Installation Date



Light and fog


Wakefield is a dynamic artwork that emits light and fog from the ground to visualize and honor the first and last breaths of life. The artwork activates in response to these health events occurring within Mayo ClinicWakefield invites us to slow down, be present in this place, to consider where we are in our lives, where we are in the lives of others, or to simply be at peace. 

About Heart of the City artwork:

This immersive public plaza has four key artworks that create new ways for visitors to interact with each other in a shared space. With artworks made out of stone, aluminum, bronze, light, water and fog, they create a range of sensory experiences underfoot and above. Water is the common core that anchors each artwork in this life-giving force. A Song for Water, with a shallow pool of water barely covering its raised words, inscribes the terrain of the plaza with poetry associated with the creation of the natural world. Wakefield releases fog at the pool’s edge when a first or last breath is drawn within Mayo Clinic. Two sculptures, the refurbished historic Peace Fountain and newly commissioned A Not So Private Sky, bookend the plaza and are visually and physically connected by a direct line of raised words in the paving stones.

The pulsing heart of these complementary artworks creates a place to pause from the bustle between appointments, to take a break from providing care or to enjoy an afternoon with family and friends. Heart of the City is an invitation to visitors and residents alike to slow down and consider our collective will for peace and healing.


100 1st Ave SW
Rochester, MN 55902

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