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Mother Earth Goose


Artist Name

Amarama Vercnocke

Installation Date



Glass Mosaic and Resin Goose Sculpture


The statue “Mother Earth Goose” was centered around the idea of how an individual piece can make up a whole picture. Rochester represents this fact on many levels: a unique society that incorporates many cultures, religious viewpoints, and diverse range of ages. The other effect I wanted was for someone to get a sense of fun and beauty out of it no matter where they are on life’s path. Each piece of glass was individually hand cut, shaped, and glued onto the statue as though creating a puzzle. The base was hand painted and made to have a faux-bronze look to it. A resin was applied over the glass pieces to act as a “clear” grout and to also protect fingers when touching the statue. Overall, there is about 50 pounds of glass, four pounds of resin, and at least 100 hours of time in creating this goose.


20 Civic Center Dr
Rochester, MN 55904

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