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Tapered Arch-Shaped Sculpture


Artist Name

Po Shu Wang

Installation Date

December 2017


Stainless steel


Welded out of 5,520 pounds of stainless steel, the 30-foot long, 15-foot high sculpture is an interactive display. The main sculpture is located at the Mayo Civic Center’s southern plaza while a kiosk inside the center that overlooks the sculpture invites individuals to type on a keyboard. The sentiments typed into the inside keyboard emit sound and light on the sculpture outside. The sculpture is intended to energize and unite the public and foster creative expression.

About the Artist

For almost 30 years, Po Shu Wang has focused on public art that is interactive and participatory. Born in Hong Kong and educated in Italy, Wang moved to the United States in the early 1990s. Ever since he was a young artist, he’s preferred “hands on” installations. “I want people to be able to touch the work, to do something with it, and after many years I have evolved to the point that I want the public to be able to express themselves through public art,” he says.


30 Civic Center Dr SE
Rochester, MN 55904

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