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Mother Goose Takes a Gander


Artist Name

Laura Hanora Birdsong Rice

Installation Date



Painted Goose Sculpture


My goose design uses aboriginal designs, with Egyptian and Celtic flavor. All animals are represented with four of each: those that slither, crawl, swim, run, and fly. Each animal is slightly different from the other four. Within the circle of animals is a hidden mistake. The Navajos always wove one stitch out of alignment within their weaving so as not to compete with “The Creator’s” perfection. The goose takes on a regal look with eyes similar to the Eye or Horus—the all-seeing eye of Truth. The goose is mythical in her stance, with regal colors of gold and silver demanding us to draw attention to evaluate our position in this circle of life. The title, “Mother Goose Takes A Gander,” is a play on words as the Eternal Mother, taking a look at the world as she also takes on a gander to multiple and be fruitful.


20 Civic Center Dr
Rochester, MN 55904

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