Brianna Truax

Installation Date: 2012

Materials: Painted Transformer Box


This piece was inspired by love and life. Each of the flowers on the box represents a trait that was taught to Truax by a driving example in her life, her grandmother.

Chrysanthemums- always speak the truth

Roses- Love Unconditionally

Honeysuckle- Generously Give

Aloe- Physically & Mentally Heal

About the artist:

Brianna Truax has been an artist for as long as she can remember and grew up learning and creating art.  With a little tenacity and determination, she has evolved her love of art into an intimate design studio, Modern Design & Concepts LLC, where she specializes in wedding and event floral and décor, as well as commercial business décor.  With her increasing involvement in the community and networking, she was given the opportunity to be involved with the transformer boxes. 



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311 Broadway Ave South, Suite A2
Rochester, MN 55904

Downtown Rochester MN
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