Drinking Sunshine

Craig Snyder

Installation Date: June 2018


"Drinking Sunshine" stands 14 feet tall and shows eight colorful cubes, each precariously balanced one on top of the other, all seemingly ready to topple over. It is installed on the concrete peninsula in the river behind the Government Center.

About the artist:

"I’ve done public art for several years and have pieces around the Midwest and West. I work tirelessly on understanding and incorporating ideas, concepts, and learnings from all around.  From India came a deeper understanding of how people connect to names and from the Native American Dakota came an appreciation for the place. 

My art often showcases the interactions between earth-based materials, with natural finishes softening hard man-made materials, as well as the mingling of Western and Eastern cultures.  I’ve always been fascinated with the East and have chosen to experiment with techniques and concepts originating there.  Wabi-sabi is the acceptance of beauty infused by the imperfection as a reflection of our lives and loves.

Honestly, though, sometimes I just do it because it’s fun."

- Craig Snyder


Art4Trails - Drinking Sunshine


Nearby Sculpture

Nearby Transformer Box Art

Nearby Mural

Nearby Architecture

Nearby Painted Geese

Nearby Downtown Doors


311 Broadway Ave South, Suite A2
Rochester, MN 55904



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