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Artist Name

Leah Bee

Installation Date

September 16, 2021


Acrylic and latex paint


These signature Leah Joy Bee organic shapes were free handed during a large gathering. This piece was a last minute decision during a Destination Medical Center event. Originally, I had planned a design for a bamboo fence; then someone suggested this more permanent fixture. At the time, I was struggling with health problems; when I see this piece I am reminded of being rushed to into emergency surgery that evening. The shapes and colors are meant to incite joy and playful emotions, regardless of what I was struggling through.

About the Artist

Leah Joy Bee’s Art could be interpreted as intuitive painting. 

Shapes that make you feel. Her organic lines, curves and warm palettes are inspired by nature, architecture, and personal relationships. Travel, constant space change, resistance to schedules, and commitment to integrity are all recipes for what she calls “happy brain”. 

You can find more of her work inside her studio, Art Heads Emporium, on Broadway Ave. Making this town as weird as possible circa 2013. 

Art is a form of communication and a way of Life.

Find her art on Instagram.


11 4th St SE
Rochester, MN 55904

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