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Aiming to create a sense of connection among people to shared public spaces. To achieve that bond is to make improvements to what is seen as a common space and transform it into a place that is extraordinary. A destination with assets as unique as the place itself. An inviting place where people gather, connect, and share as a community. This is placemaking.

The Cove

With a common vision for an exciting space filled with art, light, and an increased sense of safety through activation, the Rochester Downtown Alliance, Art Heads Emporium, and Cafe Steam created a space lovingly called “The Cove” in 2018.

The Cove

Art Walk

Mediums and movement are what Art Walk is all about! Set out and explore everything from murals to utility box art to architecture.


Sidewalk Sessions

The sidewalks of downtown Rochester are alive with the sound of music again. The Sidewalk Sessions showcases local and regional musicians at the Peace Plaza on select dates.

Sidewalk Sessions

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