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Get to Know an Ambassador: Nyah Cross

It's time to meet another of our Clean and Safe Ambassadors, Nyah Cross. Find out why she believes the golden rule (treat others as you wish to be treated) can be applied to downtown Rochester in her Get to Know an Ambassador feature.

Tell us about yourself or how your background compliments your role in the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program.

Right now, I’m working three jobs so I can hopefully to move to Nashville, where I’ll be close to family in Chattanooga where I’m originally from. With my schedule, I get two days a week off, so I rest hard so I can work hard. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, being outside, and poetry.

I’ve been in an office setting and outdoor setting, so the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program fits in with my work experience. I’ve worked in customer service for about seven years, so I can do that very well.

What type of positive impact do you feel the Clean and Safe Ambassador program will have on our downtown?

I believe cleanliness is next to righteousness, so I hope if we treat downtown right, others will start to treat downtown right, as well. They recognize us working hard. If they see us constantly picking up cigarette butts on the ground, maybe they’ll recognize it should go in the actual cigarette holder.

What is your favorite aspect about working in downtown Rochester?

I’m like being outside and being able to do little projects of my own. I have an OCD for cleanliness. For me, I would like to go fishing along the river in downtown. When I do, I notice the weeds along the river. That’s my project right now: pulling those weeds to make it look better.

What is your favorite public space in downtown Rochester?

Definitely along the river to fish. I like that, and so do a lot of other people. If they have a clean space to stand, that’s what I like to do as a downtown Ambassador to make it better and more enjoyable.

Look for the Clean Team Ambassadors providing daily, essential cleaning services in their bright orange shirts and ask them for assistance. And stay tuned here for more information about this growing program.