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Get to Know an Ambassador: Jolene Schultz

Clean and Safe Ambassadors are providing an essential service in downtown Rochester. Some may already have been spotted in their bright orange shirts. People visiting, residing in, and working in downtown Rochester will see a lot more of these friendly faces as the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program launches July 1. Let's get to know Jolene Schultz, a Clean Team Ambassador, through our Get to Know an Ambassador questions.

Tell us about yourself or how your background compliments your role in the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program.

I’m very familiar with the customer service end of the program. I drove bus for two years for one of the major facilities in town and took residents to appointments. The biggest part of my job there was to make people feel safe and secure, even cheering them up because they were nervous about their appointments or medical situations. 

Additionally, I cleaned for six years at Charter House and was in maintenance at Madonna Towers. 

In my personal time, I enjoy wood carving and jewelry making or creating things out of ordinary objects. Once when I was rummaging through a shop, I saw a washer drum and an old grill and thought it would make an awesome fire pit. Coming up with unique approaches is something I enjoy, and I think is a benefit to this [Clean and Safe Ambassador] program. 

I have two boys ages 14 and 12 I would be interested in showing them the benefits of this program and maybe they would be interested in it themselves. The work is not monotonous, and every day is something different.

What type of positive impact do you feel the Clean and Safe Ambassador program will have on our downtown?

I think it will bring more people to downtown and will let them know there are dedicated people who are going to keep them safe, keep things clean, be a friendly face, and be a resource. That there are people to ask directions of is important because there are many patients from around the country who come for Mayo Clinic. One of the biggest influences I think I can bring is being a friendly face. If someone is having a bad day or doesn’t look happy, I’m completely comfortable to approach the, ask how they are, and try to cheer them up.

What are you most looking forward to about working in downtown Rochester?

I think the ability to look around the downtown and see what could be improved or made more user friendly. I like helping people, reassuring them, and keeping them safe.

What is your favorite public space in downtown Rochester or outside of downtown?

I like going to any kind of outdoor wooded area. Along the river is also nice. I like being able to discover new things that you can’t find anywhere else.

Look forward to the Clean Team Ambassadors providing daily, essential cleaning services in their bright orange shirts July 1. And stay tuned here for more information about this growing program.