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Well Living Lab

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221 1st Ave SW (Street Level)
Rochester, MN 55902

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Most people don’t realize that buildings and what’s in them affect their health and well-being, or that people today spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. The Well Living Lab, a collaboration of Delos™ and Mayo Clinic, studies the impact of indoor environments on human health. It conducts pioneering scientific studies with people who live and work in its simulated real-world settings in which environmental variables are altered to monitor impact on health, performance, stress and resiliency, sleep and comfort. People go about their day-to-day lives as they normally would while scientists obtain thousands of data points through unobtrusive sensors, actuators and surveys. Lab scientists specialize in building, health, behavioral, environmental and computer sciences, biomedical engineering and technology and work together to analyze and share findings that can be applied to transforming indoor spaces to benefit people and society.

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