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Special Valentine’s Day promotion being planned by Downtown Ambassadors

Release Date: February 7, 2023

Media Contact: Katie Adelman
Rochester Downtown Alliance
Office: 507-216-9886



Special Valentine’s Day promotion being planned by Downtown Ambassadors

ROCHESTER, Minn.—Visitors or employees in downtown on Valentine’s Day will get a nice surprise from the downtown Rochester Clean and Safe Ambassadors.

Through the “With Love, Downtown Ambassadors” promotion, Clean and Safe Ambassadors will hand out fresh flowers to anyone walking through Galleria at University Square, Peace Plaza, or the pedestrian subway and skyway systems from 12 to 3 p.m. February 14. The initiative is meant to emphasize the hospitality aspects of the program while surprising and delighting pedestrians in downtown Rochester.

“Our Ambassadors wanted to do something special above our regular hospitality services,” said Cam Hurd, the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program operations manager. “While we couldn't find anyone selling happiness, flowers are pretty much the same thing!”

The Ambassadors are teaming up with People’s Food Co-op, which donated the flowers to be distributed.

“The gift of a flower brings special magic: it raises the spirit and shifts perspective. Sharing a little magic could change anything,” said Lizzy Haywood, CEO of People’s Food Co-op.

Clean and Safe Ambassadors help provide hospitality, cleaning, and safety services within the 44-block downtown special service district above the City of Rochester’s baseline services.

For more information about the downtown Clean and Safe Ambassador Program, visit the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program web page here and follow Downtown Rochester, MN on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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