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Peace Plaza rental rate increase from $1650 to $1700 and add event staff among other benefits

Release Date: April 26, 2016

Media Contact: Ender Göçmen 
Rochester Downtown Alliance
Office: (507) 216-9886

Peace Plaza rental rate increase from $1650 to $1700 and add event staff among other benefits

ROCHESTER, Minn. --- April 26, 2016 --- The price to rent the Peace Plaza in downtown Rochester has increased in 2016 from $1650 in 2015 to $1700 in 2016. Due to continued growth in the number of rentals and attendees, this 3% price increase is applied to maintaining rental equipment and ensure a clean and safe public venue.

“In 2016 the rental fee increased 3% in an effort to help ensure the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) can support an environment that is clean and welcoming,” said Jenna Bowman, RDA Executive Director. “It also helps maintain the tent and stage that is complimentary for any renter to utilize. We have also added the requirement of an on-site event staff to ensure a quality experience process for the renters, event attendees and surrounding businesses,” Bowman said.

Part of the reason for the price change is due to increase use of the Peace Plaza, which poses challenges to servicing the over 30 events (not including RDA events) and over 100,000 visitors (also not including RDA events) that descend on the Peace Plaza each year.

“As the facilitator of the Peace Plaza rental process, the Rochester Downtown Alliance has worked to improve the systems and experience of the renters, event attendees and surrounding businesses,” Bowman said.

The influx of use and rentals of the Peace Plaza has also encouraged the RDA to create the new First Time Event Planning Guide, which is free to use to anyone looking to hold an event in Rochester, MN.

“We are proud of the added benefits we have added to the rental process, including a comprehensive marketing packet, which is complimentary and no additional cost.  This represents the ways in which we are supporting non-RDA events which take place on the Peace Plaza.”    

The RDA is also taking additional steps to ensure the Peace Plaza remains a clean and well maintained public space: 

  • A 25% booking deposit which is applied to the cost of the rental, and a refundable 30% damage deposit pending no damage or cleaning is required post event.
  • The RDA has partnered with a local event staffing service called, Wolfpack Event Services. This staff member is paid an hourly rate of $24/hour and is provided to troubleshoot any issues for event organizers onsite, and help maintain and safe and secure venue.

After remodel in 2008, the Peace Plaza had only two recorded rental events that year with a combined estimated attendance of 1,800 people. As we look back on 2015, the RDA is proud to say that number has grown to over 30 recorded rentals with attendance at just over 103,000 people. That is an incredible increase of 5,632% in attendance over a period of just 9 years.

Additional Information

Peace Plaza Standard Rental Rates (pricing by East Section, West Section, Full Plaza) 
Mini Rental (Two hours or less including set-up and teardown) $103, $206 (Full Plaza Rental NA) 
Half Day (7.5 hours or less including setup & teardown) $284, $568, $852 
Half day rentals must be from either 8am-3:30pm or 3:30pm – 11pm 
Full Day (15 hours - 8am-11pm including set-up and teardown) $567, $1,134, $1,700

25% Discount: The RDA will provide a discount of 25% off the rental space to Special Service District renters and non-profit organizations with proof of 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 documentation - excluding Mini Rentals

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