Thursdays Downtown Exhibitor Resources

This information serves as a guide to the logistics and marketing opportunities available.

Virtual Thursdays Downtown:

Thursdays Downtown is going virtual in 2020 in response to COVID-19. Connect in a new way with people through the virtual market through Sharetribe, the platform we will use. This platform will also be used for showcasing food and beverage specials from Virtual Thursdays Downtown exhibitors and online entertainment.

We've made instructional videos and handouts to assist you in setting up a Sharetribe exhibitor account, uploading products, and creating beautiful product photography.

Setting up a Sharetribe account

Written instructions for setting up a Sharetribe account can be found here.

Uploading products to Sharetribe

Written instructions for uploading products to Sharetribe can be found here.

Keep Your Information Updated within the Virtual Thursdays Downtown market.

Attendees will get more information about your products and you as a vendor. Be sure to keep this information up to date because the RDA will refer those with inquires about a specific vendor to this site.

Creating beautiful product photography

Vendor Handbooks:

Please note: You MUST be familiar with the guidelines within your specific vendor handbook as you apply for the market and if you are selected as a vendor for this event. You MUST adhere to the guidelines and regulations set forth in the handbook and contract.