Mark Joseph and the American Soul

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  • Saturday, Dec 21, 2019  10pm


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Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Mark Joseph & The American Soul are modern day proof of what genuine creative talent, exceedingly hard-work, and decades of dedication to one’s craft can bring to the world. Beautiful music & live creative energy. Led by singer/songwriter and guitar powerhouse Mark Joseph (Big Wu, Down Lo), the band’s much anticipated 2016 self-titled album, Mark Joseph & The American Soul, blends soul & blues music with a traditional Americana, roots rock & roll vibe. With stylistic accessibility and rich warmth to the songs – suggesting a range of influences from Bill Withers to The Allman Brothers Band – the 2016 album has set the stage for club & festival shows across the Midwest & beyond. “This band and this music really is a look into my soul as an artist, and I hope it triggers that kind of spiritual reflection in others” – Mark Joseph