Live at Kathy's Pub Modern Joey


  • Friday, Feb 7, 2020 10pm

LOCATION: Kathy's Pub - 307 S Broadway

EVENT CATEGORIES: Live Music | Entertainment


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What is Modern Joey? A stylistically diverse rock band from day one, the members of Modern Joey have been pulling from a plethora of musical influences since their first rehearsal together in 2017. Relatively new to the Milwaukee scene and also still in their early 20s, the boys of Modern Joey have come from a variety of former bands and possess a surprising level of musical knowledge for their age. Seeking to be a song-oriented band, Modern Joey puts effort into every aspect of their music, specifically the categories of lyric writing and tight, polished live performance, pairing it with a spontaneity and stage presence that seeks to get a crowd alive and active. With many influences from the jam band scene as well as from prog rock, they are no strangers to playing longer sets that also keep an audience engaged for an extended period. At a Modern Joey show, you will hear funky songs, you will hear soulful songs; you will hear ballads and rockers; you just might hear sleazy rock and roll alongside a time signature you can't place. It is that variety and fusion of genres which all four members of Modern Joey pride themselves on, and that variety that keeps all ears satisfied.

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