Art Walk

Mediums and movement are what Art Walk is all about! Set out and explore everything from murals to utility box art to architecture. Even painted geese sculptures (yes, you read right), because we here in Rochester celebrate our uniqueness and highlight our year-round feathered friends! Art, it seems, is around every corner of our growing art scene of a city.

Paseo de Arte en el centro de Rochester 

Experimente el arte de diversas maneras en el centro de Rochester. Únase a un recorrido guiado por un artista todos los domingos, del 11 de septiembre al 16 de octubre, o realice un recorrido auto guiado para ver los nuevos murales y obras de arte del centro en las puertas exteriores de empresas.

Art Walk bartmaha Magaalada Rochester

Khibrad u yeelo farshaxanka siyaabo kala duwan guud ahaan bartamaha magaalada Rochester. Ku biir socdaal uu fanaanku hogaamiyo Axad kasta, Sebtember 11 ilaa Oktoobar 16 ama qaado socdaal iskaada is-hagayso si aad u aragto sawirada cusub ee bartmaha magaalada iyo farshaxanada albaabada dibadda ee ganacsiyada.

 جوّلات الفنون في وسط مدينة روجستر

عزز ذائقتك الفنية بطرق متنوعة في جميع أنحاء وسط مدينة روجستر.  تعال و إنضم الى جولة برعاية الفنانين كل يوم أحد، من 11 سبتمبر حتى 16 أكتوبر أو قم بجولة ذاتية لمشاهدة اللوحات الجدارية و الأعمال الفنية الجديدة على الأبواب الخار جية للأنشطة التجارية في وسط المدينة.

Art Walk Guided Tours

What has historically been a self-guided tour of art within the downtown is now a more interactive activity. Join a free guided walking tour of murals, sculptures, or architecture throughout downtown. Reserve your space in the guided tour here.

Art Outdoors

Who would have thought art could show up in alleys! Art Outdoors pairs area artists and local businesses together to create stunning works of art on exterior doors. So get outside and find all the existing works.

Need more art?

Check out Art4Trails, a public art initiative to promote local artists and enhance our public parks by installing original art along Rochester’s bike trails. Find the Art4Trails works by clicking here.

Art Walk