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Mother's Day specials from downtown Rochester

Posted on April 28,2020

Ma. Mum. Mommy. Madre. However you refer to her, let your mother know you're thinking of her, even if you can't be with her in person. Celebrate your mom with these Mother's Day specials from downtown Rochester.

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Safe Physical Distancing Activities in downtown Rochester

Posted on April 21,2020

Minnesotans are at home per Governor Tim Walz's executive order to slow the spread of COVID-19. But "at home" does not need to mean "confined to your home," as the governor is encouraging people to get outdoors safely. Here are some safe physical distancing activities to enjoy in downtown Rochester.

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Community Spotlight on Neon Green Studio

Posted on April 1,2020

"Don't stop creating" is good advice during this time of COVID-19. And Neon Green Studio in downtown Rochester is bringing the art to you while you're at home. Find out the different ways to brighten your day through creativity as well as that of a family member, friend, or neighbor.

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Pitch Your Idea for a Downtown Rochester Event

Posted on November 19,2019

Planning events is no easy feat. As the producers of large events like SocialICE and Thursdays Downtown, we get it! That’s why we want to help new or existing event organizers secure event funding through our Start-Up Event Grant.

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Organically Yours: A Downtown Rochester Mural Collaboration

Posted on October 15,2019

A new mural in downtown Rochester, created by local artists Leah Bee of Canvas & Chardonnay and Liz Forsman, will blend one artist’s style of colorful organic shapes with another’s line art.

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Fall Fest Activities & Crafts

Posted on September 27,2019

A little bit of harvest is coming to the heart of Downtown Rochester. For a “gourd” time, journey to Fall Fest presented by Altra Federal Credit Union from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. October 5 in Peace Plaza! Get the inside scoop about the Fall Fest activities and crafts here.

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5 Q & As for Karli McElroy's 5-Year Work Anniversary

Posted on July 18,2019

Much can happen in five years. Karli McElroy, the Rochester Downtown Alliance's senior director of placemaking, is living proof that is true! In five years, she's done a variety of work at the RDA, and her incredible patience, tireless dedication, and inspiring talent have been instrumental along the way! Cheers for Karli McElroy as she celebrated her fifth work anniversary with the Rochester Downtown Alliance! To celebrate, Karli takes a trip down memory lane with Katie Adelman, the RDA's director of content and communications!

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Your Insider's Guide to 2019 Thursdays Downtown

Posted on May 29,2019

After the winter we’ve endured, Thursdays Downtown provides the fun in the sun we’ve all earned! It’s time to head to downtown Rochester for arts, crafts, music, and food! Everyone at the Rochester Downtown Alliance, our partners, and vendors are gearing up for the first Thursdays Downtown! Here’s a look at everything you need to know to get your Thursdays Downtown attendance-planning into gear, too!

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Movies in the Park, a Feature Presentation in Downtown Rochester

Posted on May 28,2019

With the premiere of Movies in the Park, presented by the Rochester Downtown Alliance and Premier Bank Rochester, summer nights are about to get a lot more fun! Save the following dates for Movies in the Park 2019!

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Don’t Miss Out! A Year of Downtown Rochester Events

Posted on May 6,2019

How does the common saying go: “So much time and so little to do”? Strike that and reverse it! In downtown Rochester, there is plenty to do and we’ll help you with the time factor, too! Here is a list of Rochester events worth traveling for in every season and year-round! Find more Events in downtown Rochester while attending the following!

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The Ultimate Find & Seek Activity in Downtown Rochester

Posted on April 24,2019

The Downtown Rochester Architectural Scavenger Hunt is a thrilling search for hidden historic structural gems in downtown Rochester. Identify all the architectural photos correctly between May 1 and May 21 and be entered to win prizes!

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What to Do in Downtown Rochester in Your Free Time

Posted on April 23,2019

Welcome to downtown Rochester, Minnesota! Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a life-long resident, here you will find plenty of places to go in your spare time. Within a 44-block district, downtown Rochester has everything from arts and culture to live action to quiet nature. Find your free-time fit with the following See & Do ideas in downtown Rochester!

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Put in a little heART-work to Downtown

Posted on March 26,2019

Local Artists Featured Above (Left to Right): Layne Noser, Bailey Bryans Quam, and Cassandra Buck

An artist pours their heART and soul into his or her work. Countless hardworking hours are spent transforming an idea into reality. The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is expanding its community public art program, ARTWalk, to incorporate local artists’ labors on doors in the alley between 3rd and 4th Street Southwest. Become pART of a larger 3rd Street Alley Project plan to incorporating special elements like art into Downtown Rochester. The time to submit art is fleeting: the call for art entries ends Sunday, March 31.

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Calling All Artists: When a Door Becomes a Canvas

Posted on March 21,2019

Local Artists Featured Above (Left to Right): Brea Gilchrist, Chad Allen, and Fox and Swan Arts

Did you know the month of March is National Craft Month? Whether it’s through a variety of mediums—be it painting, woodworking, or fiber art—the possibilities for crafting are innumerable. It seems the types of canvases are endless, too! The 3rd Street Alley Project is an opportunity for both artists and crafters to submit their works of art to be featured on 3rd Street Alley doors. It’s one of many plans to incorporate creative placemaking, like hanging lights and improving facades, in the alley between 3rd and 4th Street Southwest.

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Let's Start With Art

Posted on March 14,2019

Local Artists Featured Above (Left to Right): Luke Austin, Cassandra Buck, and Aaron Druliner

The 3rd Street Alley Project is one of the biggest and most exciting projects taken on by the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) since our formation in 2005. The 3rd Street Alley lies between 3rd and 4th Street Southwest and improvements will include hanging lights, repurposing alley doors with art, murals, and working with businesses on facade improvements.

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Calling All Artists: “We Heart Local Art”

Posted on March 1,2019

Local Artists Featured Above (Left to Right): Eric Anderson, Tamsin Barlow, and Cassandra Buck

With the upcoming 3rd Street Alley Project, the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is excited to announce the expansion of ARTWalk. Our process begins with a call for local and regional artists to submit photos of new or existing works of art, in any medium, for possible use in murals, alley doors, or other arts-based placemaking projects in Downtown.


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#MyDowntownRochMN featuring the parks of Downtown Rochester

Posted on August 28,2018

Downtown Rochester holds an abundance of businesses, restaurants and shops which serve visitors and residents alike. However, sometimes the best form of entertainment is relaxation. Downtown is home to four major parks that double as event spaces and a great way to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Downtown police officer, Craig Jacobson, shares about his job working in the parks, as well as how he spends his time there off-duty. We’re here to give you a run-down of Downtown’s parks and how each one offers a unique touch.

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Q&A: Locals & Landmarks

Posted on July 28,2018

Q&A: Locals & Landmarks

As featured in the June issue of the Downtown Rochester Newsletter, we asked Rochester native, videographer extraordinaire, and new co-owner of Downtown Rochester art studio Canvas & Chardonnay, Tyler Aug, to tell us about his favorite Downtown landmark.

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Bookworm Walk Creates Downtown Adventure for Young Kids

Posted on June 21,2018

Need to get your little ones out of the house? The Bookworm Walk, a 10-minute mapped route features pages of a children’s book set into flower planters. The route starts outside the Rochester Public Library, curves along the Riverfront, and ends at the Riverfront Waterfall. Make it a downtown adventure by starting at the library, walking the Bookworm route, and ending with a treat from the Chocolate Twist!

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Window Artist Feature with Jennalee Whiting

Posted on June 1,2018

When you look at the outside of our building, the first thing you notice are the beautiful painted windows. We had originally thought of showcasing our events, programs, and general marketing, however we wanted to make sure it was something the public could enjoy. What better way than to activate the space by working with local artists to create vibrancy and a piece of art for all to enjoy. Our first installation is Olourcay Ibevay and was created by Jennalee Whiting and below is her story.

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Historic Chateau Monday press conference

Posted on March 17,2015

Mayor Ardell Brede, Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. John Noseworthy, Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, and City Council President Randy Staver met yesterday afternoon at the Peace Plaza outside of the HIstoric Chateau Theatre to discuss the city's intention to purchase the historic building.

Visit the Med City Beat for the full story.

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Downtown Update with KROC AM: New grant offers applicants assistance with downtown events

Posted on March 11,2015

Downtown Update with KROC AM Radio:

Get the scoop on Rochester's hottest and (coldest!) events with our monthly radio show thanks to KROC AM. Click to listen.

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December 12, 2014 - Downtown Rochester TOP 5

Posted on December 12,2014

We've grouped a few of our favorite live performances and art & culture events -- even with a chance to participate!

Music & Performance

Little Big Town 
When: Friday, December 12, 2014 • 7:30 pm
Where: Mayo Civic Center 

Alex Rossi and Root City (Free) 
When: Saturday, December 13th at 8:00pm
Where: Kathy's Pub

When: Saturday, Dec 13 at 3PM and 7PM, Sunday, Dec 14 at 2PM
Where: Mayo Civic Center 

Art & Culture

Dedicated: 30 Days of Art part II 
When: Saturday, December 13, 2014 • 5PM -10 PM
Where: C4 the Salon  


Artist In Residence - Jennifer Jesseph 
When: Sunday, December 14, 2014 • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Where: Rochester Public Library 

See a full list of events on our calendar.

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DMC: The Rochester Story Project

Posted on November 24,2014

Everyone has a story to tell and the people of Rochester are no different. Created by DMC, The Rochester Story Project comes to life in the people, places, and faces featured in the videos, and they just release the first installment. 

Check it out here. Tell us what you think? Did you see yourself? 

The Rochester Story Project from Knowble Media on Vimeo.

From the DMC Blog:

"The Rochester Story Project is a platform that gives voice to the people and places that make up the fabric of our city. The City of Rochester is a living narrative, and with the DMC plan nearing approval, our story is building momentum.

"Our goal with The Rochester Story Project is to showcase our community—one person at a time. These are people who live, work, play, heal and learn in Rochester. Individually, and as a collective, we all impact our community and each other, now and in the future"


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Community Gathers for RedBall Project Meet and Greet

Posted on November 6,2014

RedBall Project Community Gathering 1 of 2

There's was quite a showing of art and community enthusiast as RedBall Project Kurt Perschke appeared at Söntes yesterday for the first of two community meet and greets.


Perschke will be at the Rochester Art Center today, Nov. 6 from 3:30 - 5 PM for his second public gathering and presentation about the RedBall and it's visit to Rochester in fall 2015.Those interested are encouraged to attended.  

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