Safe Physical Distancing Activities in downtown Rochester

Posted on April 21,2020

Minnesotans are at home per Governor Tim Walz's executive order to slow the spread of COVID-19. But "at home" does not need to mean "confined to your home," as the governor is encouraging people to get outdoors safely. Here are some safe physical distancing activities to enjoy in downtown Rochester.

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Community Spotlight on City Market

Posted on April 20,2020

Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. Find out how City Market in downtown Rochester became inspired by a California restaurant's meal program and how its adaptation is helping the local Rochester community.

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Community Spotlight on the Rochester Public Library

Posted on April 16,2020

The Rochester Public Library in downtown Rochester is accustomed to being a gathering place for the community and staff are used to using resources to answer questions. Since the onset of COVID-19 closed the Library to the public, they've put their skills to use elsewhere. Find out from Audrey Betcher how the Rochester Public Library is operating as part of the City of Rochester's emergency operations center.

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Community Spotlight on Powers Ventures

Posted on April 13,2020

What happened when restaurants and those in the food service industry had fresh goods as COVID-19 became a reality in our area? Hear how Joe Powers of Powers Ventures is partnering with Channel One Regional Food Bank and local restaurants to re-purpose the produce and food from restaurants and those in the food service industry.

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Community Spotlight on Mayo Civic Center

Posted on April 10,2020

When you talk about collaboration, here is a great example of how Rochester area nonprofits, restaurants, and city government have come together to provide consistent service to those most in need. Hear from Rochester Mayor Kim Norton and Joe Ward of Experience Rochester and the Mayo Civic Center about this unique partnership in response to COVID-19.

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