Heads Up! Pedestrian Safety Week

Heads Up! Pedestrian Safety Week

Heads Up! Pedestrian Safety Week is complete, and we thank all who supported the initiative. The goal of Heads Up! Pedestrian Safety Week was to increase safety for pedestrians in Downtown Rochester by providing information and increasing knowledge about current traffic safety laws.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Motorists


Look Before You Cross
Make eye contact with drivers and ensure they see you and will stop.
Clearly show your intention to cross the road.
Look left for turning vehicles.
Look across ALL lanes for moving vehicles before crossing.
Make Yourself Visible
Stand clear of vehicles, landscaping, parked vehicles, or other obstructions before crossing.
Cross only at a designated crosswalk; do not jaywalk.
Wear a reflector.
Mount a safety flag on a wheelchair, motorized cart, or stroller
Avoid Distractions and Dangerous Behaviors
Remove headphones and stay off cell phones when crossing the street.
Don't soley rely on traffic signals; look for vehicles before crossing.
Cross only at intersections; do not jaywalk.


Stop for Pedestrians
Stop for pedestrians at every intersection, even those without stop lights and crosswalks.
Before making a turn, look for pedestrians within your path.
Leave ample room between you and a pedestrian when coming to a stop.
Watch for Pedestrians
Scan the road and intersections for pedestrians ahead.
Look carefully behind you when backing up, especially for small children.
Watch for people in wheelchairs and motorized carts, who may be below eye level.
Avoid Distracted and Aggressive Driving
Put away cell phones, food, and make-up.
Stop for pedestrians, even if they are in the wrong or jaywalking.
Never pass or drive around a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians.

(Safety Tips Courtesy of: Minnesota Department of Transportation).

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