People's Food Co-Op

519 1st Ave SW
Rochester, MN 55902

Telephone: 507-289-9061

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People's Food Co-op is the neighborhood grocery that goes the extra mile. Are you looking for a store where they'll still carry your groceries out to your car? Remember the days of a deli and bakery where everything was made from scratch rather than coming from a 5 gallon pail? Or how about a cashier who will not only look you in the eye, but will also remember your name? Perhaps a butcher in-house that will cut to order beef that was raised locally by ranchers who raise cattle to his specifications? Well, search no more.  PFC brings back the best of what once was and makes it new again.

People's Food Co-op is community owned. That means that we have a special understanding of how we must nourish and respect not only our shoppers, but our community and our environment as well. It is that "triple bottom line" that drives all that we do at PFC. Every decision we make must pay dividends to our stakeholders financially, socially and environmentally.

At PFC we strive to ensure that new shoppers feel welcomed, and that long time shoppers feel at home within our walls. We know that for many people walking through the doors at PFC for the first time there will be many new tastes, new information and new friends to be made.  We're not food fundamentalists. We seek to help people make choices that are good for their health, their community and their wallets...and we know that looks different for everyone.

So welcome to People's Food Co-op!  Where you and your neighbors have the opportunity to own a community resource, and a really great grocery store!



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